WineLedger is a digital business development, marketing and sales, advisory and training service provider to the wine and spirits industry.

The focus is on creating digitally rich customer experiences that support new business models (direct B2B2C) and unique value propositions for wine producers focused on building strong, loyal customer ecosystems. Tackling product counterfeiting through transparent credentialing is part and parcel of this initiative.

Creating value on the blockchain: The WineLedger solution

In a market environment where Generation Z and Millennials demand to know where their products come from, traceability has become a brand differentiator. Theirs is a world of personalised experiences and provenance. This is where technologies such as blockchain shine.

The Challenge

Unsustainable net farm incomes for grape farmers

Unsustainable price points for wine producers

Unsecured, outdated and cumbersome certification processes and systems

The lack of traceability in South African wine supply chain

Inefficient management of illicit trading and counterfeiting

The Solution

A blockchain enabled end-to-end encrypted traceability system that is unique to the South African wine industry to enhance efficiencies, accountability, and trust in all its value chain activities.

“The WineLedger vision is to create a fully traceable and digitalized ecosystem that positions the South African wine value chain as a global competitive advantage."

Anzill Adams 


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